The current manager enjoys the indoor temperatures cold

I labor at an accounting firm.

The job pays the bills, however it is not unquestionably interesting.

I prefer working with numbers and math is our jam. Most people would don’t like the job, but I don’t mind working on the tablet everyday. I labor in a medical accounting firm and every one of us recently got a current executive in the office. The girl is a lot different than the ancient manager… First of all, the girl is a lot younger. She has fresh ideas and energy. The ancient manager sat at her desk and hardly ever moved unless there was another executive in the building. Another big difference is the fact that the current manager enjoys the indoor air temperatures cold. The previous manager was an older lady that liked the indoor temperature to be warm, but she always complained if the temperature inside of the building was lower than 68. She kept the temperature control in the office set at 68 and most of us were uncomfortable while I was in the Winter time and the Summer months. The current manager immediately noticed the hot temperatures and I told everyone in the office that she prefers the temperature colder. She put the temperature control temperature at 68 degrees and asked everyone to leave the temperature alone. I genuinely prefer the colder temperatures. I was never a fan when the manager made it boiling and uncomfortable. I am looking forward to the current girl and her fresh ideas however I am also blissful to see the other lady gone. I know the supplier is headed in a current and good direction and I’m gleeful about the possibilities.

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