The dog food was getting moldy from the heat

I was totally and completely against getting a cat, because I thought all of us had too little space inside of the camper.

My husbandy was lonely during the afternoon and he insisted that all of us look for a cat.

I thought he would choose something small, even though he picked a large German Shepherd instead. The dog has a lot of hair and sheds all over the locale. He also has a healthy appetite. The dog eats 3 times a afternoon. Both of us have to carry a 50 lb bin of dog food with us at all times. I was keeping the dog food under the camper and one of the storage areas. The section is under the camper, but it is a safe locale for the dog food, and animals care about squirrels, pigs, and raccoons cannot get to the food, then unfortunately, the section under the camper does not have any , but during the Summer months it can be genuinely hot and humid in the section where the dog food is located. I realized that the dog food was getting moldy from the heat because of the lack of climate control. I didn’t want the dog to get sick, so all of us had to transport the food inside of the lake house where it is cool and comfortable, however now the dog and his fifty pound bin of food take up space inside the camper that all of us didn’t have to spare. I know easily out of sorts, especially when the dog sits in our favorite chair all afternoon. I’m trying to get on board with our current pet, but I’m having trouble.

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