The dog wouldn't stop barking at the maintenance man

Sometimes my dog doesn’t like people.

I think he can sense when a person is good or bad.

I’ve tried to take my dog to the park so he can interact with other dogs. Most of the time he just barks and makes noises. Someone at the park tried to say that my dog is antisocial, but I think he is just protective. I don’t mind that my dog barks every time a strange person tries to approach me at the park. The dog has never barked at any of my friends, but he really doesn’t like the maintenance man at the apartment. Every time a maintenance man comes to my apartment to fix something, my dog goes crazy and won’t stop barking. It’s almost embarrassing, because the action makes my dog look vicious. Last Tuesday I had an issue with the furnace and I called the building supervisor. The building supervisor called the maintenance guy to fix the problem. He showed up at my building a couple of hours later. The maintenance man came inside of the house to check on the furnace and my dog immediately started barking as soon as he came into the house. I apologize for the dog’s behavior and the maintenance man said it was perfectly fine. Unfortunately, my dog didn’t stop barking the whole time that the maintenance man was working on the oil furnace. The dog was loud and obnoxious. I think he was trying to keep me safe, but he doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance man. I see that guy all of the time and he is virtually harmless.