The Ductless Mini Split Unit Was No Longer Running

When I walked into my office the other afternoon, I was really shocked by how frosty it was, however the weather was colder than normal that afternoon, even though I still wasn’t accustomed to my office feeling so frozen… My office is situated in a portion of our finished basement, plus there is a ductless mini cut device that controls the heat plus air.

I usually keep the ductless mini cut device running all afternoon long because I like to have my office temperature controlled at all times.

The ductless mini cut device doesn’t even take long to heat or cool the space, but if I had to wait even a hour for my office to know comfortable again, I would never utilize the space, part of having an at new dining room is to use it as much as possible, so it would be a complete waste of area if I didn’t use it. It should also be mentioned that I use my office all afternoon long. I do take breaks throughout the afternoon, but I’m regularly leaving plus entering my office. This is why, when I entered my office that afternoon plus it felt cold, my mind went instantly to the ductless mini cut unit! When I took a closer look, I instantly realized that it wasn’t on at all. I pushed the “on” button and it began to run, but after a few hours, the ductless mini cut device shut off. I took some pieces apart and realized that the air filter needed to be cleaned out; and once all of the dust plus debri was removed, the ductless mini cut device returned to heating my office normally.


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