The ductwork is a hot place to work

My buddy as well as myself work at a summer camp where there are multiple children running around all day long.

  • A lot of the camp has some problems, because the seasoned buildings weren’t meant to serve as multiple places for seven or eight kids at a time.

The two of us don’t know much at all about electrical work, Plumbing, or furnace as well as cooling repair activities. The two of us signed up to be counselors as well as ended up working on some of the problematic areas. It seems the camp really can’t afford a lot of money, but they were happy to pay us minimum wage to watch videos and attempt electrical work. Last weekend, Jeff as well as myself were sent into the attic to work on the ventilation controls. Both of the bathrooms in the main dining hall we’re having multiple problems, as well as the ventilation system wasn’t working whenever the light switch was triggered. The two of us spent an hour researching the furnace as well as cooling control, as well as the two of us looked into the ventilation system thoroughly. The old ventilation plan was installed many years ago, as well as it doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s still up to code. My friend as well as myself made multiple repairs through the ventilation controls, but we couldn’t find a way to combine the lights as well as the fan. In the end, the two of us ended up wiring it with two separate orders. We didn’t wire it properly, but at least it will work.


Cooling specialist