The dust can be a big issue

I have all new hardwood flooring in our home. For the most part I like having no carpets. No unpleasant smells linger as well as I don’t ever need to call for carpet cleaning adore everyone do. However, getting all the hardwood floors cleaned is a bit more difficult. I sweep and vacuum as well as then mop up the floors as well as they still look dingy. I live near the beach so dirt as well as sand get inside all of the time. I noticed that the coating over top of our hardwood flooring started to leave as well as make the floors look terrible. I finally decided that I needed to call in a professional to perform floor cleaning. I talked to the cleaning supplier guy as well as he said I needed a complete range of floor maintenance works. Cleaning the hardwood was not going to cut it. I told him do what you need to as well as the guy took it to heart. First they did a total floor stripping. What this entails is removing the top coating of wax from the floors. The wax has all the scuffs, dirt as well as grime that I have gathered over time. Then the supplier put a sealant on the floors. Then used a high quality sealer to make them dazzle and shine as well as the guys buffed the surfaces for more sparkle. The glossy finish is said to extend the wear of the floor, stop marks as well as scratches from showing as well as to protect against soil from resurfacing on the floors again. Finally, this cleaning supplier did waxing on the floor as well as this caused our floors literally to glow brightly. Every step of the way was needed as well as I was ecstatic to spend money on the service.

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