The engineering triumph that is the heat pump

It’s just so funny that most of us in this region simply don’t pay enough attention to the fact that we have an engineering marvel in our house.

But that’s exactly what modern residential HVAC is. There is no question that we have now lived with residential HVAC and commercial HVAC so long, we take it completely for granted. Well, most of us just expect the heating and cooling to automatically be there. But I’m sort of in awe of the HVAC technology that makes this happen. The heat pump is by far the HVAC equipment of choice in this region. And in essence, this is the same design that had been around for almost 75 years. The heat pump really changed the game in the 50’s with HVAC cooling. And it’s a pretty remarkable blend of genius engineering and the wonder of physics. The basic element with the heat pump is the fact that it can actually move heat energy from one place to another. And essentially, that’s the whole idea of heating and cooling a home using a heat pump. The heat pump uses refrigerant to extract heat energy and exhaust it outside of our homes. Then, it fills in that space with cooler air and that’s how we enjoy air conditioning inside. But remarkably, the heat pump can reverse the flow of the refrigerant and extract heat energy from the ambient outside air and then bring it inside. And the heat pump can do this to temperatures in the low 40’s fairly efficiently. Indeed, we have a technical marvel in our midst and don’t even know it.


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