The error began on day one

I started to wonder if maybe this furnace was just a lemon.

When I first bought our brand new furnace a few weeks ago, I was gleeful to deliver it a test try. It was a super nice electric gas furnace, and comparing it to our seasoned and cheap oil gas furnace, I was not at all worried to see our seasoned furnace go. It wasn’t super long until the HVAC worker had come over to our lake house to perform the system upgrade. Everything went smoothly-or so I thought, and I was surprised by how extremely little time the heating professional spent installing it. It wasn’t until after it was totally completed that I started noticing complications with how it was functioning. The new furnace would have a hard time performing basic functions, such as turning on and heating our house. Considering that the new furnace was only a brand new model, and 1 of the best kinds of gas furnaces that modern money could buy, I found it hard to suppose that I was having so many goshdarn concerns. I started to wonder if maybe this furnace was just a lemon. I couldn’t take it not working and so I made another appointment with the HVAC corporation that actually sold it to me. The next time they sent out an unusual heating and cooling serviceman and he told myself and others that the first guy obviously had not installed the furnace respectfully. He spent time correcting the mistakes that the first guy had made and when he was finished he stayed late and diagnosed it to ensure it was now working respectfully.