The extra payment could be a problem

Most of my friends were shocked, when I joined the Army. I never thought about going into the military, until I spoke with a recruiter at school. They were there for the day, to talk to students about the uncommon military branches. I spoke with a recruiter about the army, and she gave myself and others her supplier card. The two of us started talking frequently, and I eventually decided to join the military ranks. I spent numerous years in the military, and I l gained how to work on Heating and Air Conditioning systems. When I got out and joined the civilian world, I had a lot of job options. I was certified to work on many uncommon types of heating and a/cs, so the sky was literally the limit. I interviewed for many uncommon Heating and Air Conditioning positions, until I found the perfect job. I work on a luxury liner, and I see uncommon countries every day of the week. I appreciate being on the water, and I appreciate smelling the salt in the ocean air. The luxury liner hired myself and others to repair the on board heating as well as A/C equipment. I have my own room in the staff quarters. I have a bed, daystand, and my own shower. I gain a nice salary as well. I never thought I would join the military and find a job working on a cruise ship. My friends all thought I was crazy, although I appreciate every minute of my Heating and Air Conditioning job. I get to see the world, make money, and have an unbelievable experience in the meantime. I made a great option for my future.