The fire destroyed our a/c unit.

Last month, our neighbors had a bad fire that not only ‌destroyed their home, but destroyed our a/c unit. The heat of their fire singed the siding and roof of our house. I never expected the fire to melt some ‌components inside our a/c unit. When I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company to inspect our a/c unit, they told me ‌it needed to be upgraded. The AC unit was only more than one years old, and I could not figure out why it abruptly needed upgraded? He told me that the high heat of the house fire next to us had worked almost like a torch and melted some ‌components together. He said he had never seen such a thing happen, but that was the only thing he could come up with. My question was, did I call our insurance company to cover the a/c unit, or would i bet covered by our neighbors’ homeowners’ insurance? I talked to our acquaintance and told him what had happened to the a/c unit. He was noticeably frustrated about our AC unit and promised he would call his insurance company. In the meantime, I called our insurance company. I explained about the neighbors’ house fire and how the heat of the house fire had destroyed our a/c unit. They asked for me to get a statement from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning Tech who had done the inspection, and they would then pay for our AC unit. After I gained our new AC unit, they would contact the house owner’s insurance and get paid back.


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