The fire destroyed our air conditioning unit.

Last month, my neighbors had a terrible fire that not only ‌destroyed their home, however destroyed our air conditioning unit.

The heat of their fire singed the siding & roof of my house. I never expected the fire to melt some ‌components inside our air conditioning unit. When I called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to inspect my air conditioning unit, they told me ‌it needed to be upgraded. The AC component was only more than one years old, & I could not figure out why it abruptly needed upgraded? He told me that the high heat of the house fire next to us had worked almost like a torch & melted some ‌components together. He said he had never seen such a thing happen, however that was the only thing he could come up with. My question was, did I call my insurance corporation to cover the air conditioning unit, or would i bet covered by my neighbors’ homeowners’ insurance? I talked to my neighbor & told him what had happened to the air conditioning unit. He was noticeably exasperated about my AC component & promised he would call his insurance corporation. In the meantime, I called my insurance corporation. I explained about the neighbors’ house fire & how the heat of the house fire had destroyed my air conditioning unit. They asked for me to get a statement from the Heating and Air Conditioning Tech who had done the inspection, & they would then pay for my AC unit. After I acquired my current AC unit, they would contact the house owner’s insurance & get paid back.

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