The fire lit heater

This weekend the weatherman is calling for over a foot of snow. My spouse has just finished putting the snowplow on the truck so we will be able to get out of the driveway when it’s covered in snow. They are also calling for high winds in addition to ice. The biggest fear for most of the people in our area, is that they will lose power. When we heard about this, my husband brought wood up from the woodshed. So if we do lose our power, then we won’t be without heating. We do own a gas generator, but we still worry that the gas furnace would be the only thing that we’d be able to power up. We can both always use our wood burning fireplace if the power does go out. There is close to a cord of wood on our porch, so my husband and I will always have wood to burn in the fireplace. Not only will we be able to have heat, but with our generator, our well pump will be working and so we will not need to worry about frozen pipes. I am thinking that we will be able to pop popcorn on the fireplace and it might be romantic. In this day and age, we certainly do not get a lot of romantic opportunities. Instead, we just go out for lunch sometimes and then we come back to our house and we each go to our own computers.  With no power, there is no computer, and I’m kind of looking forward to that! It will be nice to be able to cuddle up in front of the fireplace. It would be nice to take the time to talk and cuddle for a while. I know that we probably won’t be without power for very long, and soon everything including the gas furnace will be running again. The fireplace will be left barren for another couple weeks, or even for a year. So I am planning on taking advantage of any time that I can get.

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