The Fireplace Was A Special One

A lot of things can hold sentimental value, sometimes, even the most unusual items in a home can do this.

This is my case with the old fireplace that is in the living room. You see, I bought this house from my late Aunt. She passed away last year, and I had bought the home about 3 years before hand. Growing up, this living room with the beautiful fireplace held a lot of fond memories from family holidays and gatherings back when. One specific thing I remember really well was the Christmas holidays and this beautiful fireplace. As the entire family would open presents, it would be a tradition that the fireplace was lit. There was only one time that my Aunt did not have the fireplace lit on a Christmas holiday, and that was one year when they were completely out of firewood. Since it was one of those authentic fireplaces, you had to go and chop your own wood to light the fireplace. Today, most houses do not have authentic fireplaces like the one I have this old house. There’s electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and even some fireplaces that are just there for decoration. I always prefer the natural look and feel of a real authentic fireplace. There’s something about the warmth of the natural fire. Or, maybe it’s just my nostalgia of the good old days growing up. Whatever the case, I am so glad I bought this house, and that it still has the original fireplace in it that we all grew up with. I can carry on the family holiday tradition this way, and it makes me happy to do so.

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