The flooring in the kitchen is very nice

I never realized how dangerous fireplaces can be at times. My husband, Todd, and I have always had a fireplace in our home. Since we’ve been married, we have owned three different homes together, and all three have had fireplaces. I have always loved them, and so has Todd. We don’t have any children of our own, so we never really have to worry about them trying to play with the fireplace or anything like that. For this reason, it never crossed my mind when we had some friends over to our house a couple weeks ago. Our friends Molly and Kurt came over for dinner, and they brought their two little kids with them. We had a really pleasant time. The food turned out great, and we really enjoyed spending time with them. Their youngest daughter is only three years old, and she is at the stage where she loves to get into everything. While we adults were talking, Katie, their youngest daughter, decided she wanted to play with the fire in the fireplace. She grabbed a small stick from our firewood pile and put it in the fire. It lit up and she took it out and caught my rug in front of the fireplace on fire! This all happened in less than two minutes, so it took us all by surprise. All four of us ran over to the fireplace to make sure Katie was alright and to put out the fire. Thankfully, Katie was uninjured and nothing else caught on fire. I simply had to replace my small rug, but that was no big deal. In the end, we have learned to be much more cautious with our fireplace. We gated it off, so hopefully, nothing like that will ever happen again.   

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