The furnace is coming soon

I really can’t wait until my HVAC specialist gets here! I am getting a new oil furnace & I can’t remember the last time I was this excited.

I have had the exact same HVAC unit for just about 10 years & it’s entirely time for a new oil furnace, then the AC unit is okay because I can hardly use it.

It’s very cold where I am so having an air conditioner isn’t entirely necessary. The HVAC company that I am having the install the new oil furnace has been telling me that I can get an entirely great deal if I buy the AC unit at the same time that I get the oil furnace installed so I decided to do it. I am getting a variable speed oil furnace installed which I hear is entirely something I have been wanting. I don’t have any clue about about HVAC, however the dude that I have hired to install the oil furnace says that it’s entirely good. I will have to do less service on the variable speed oil furnace because it will last twice as long. Anything that saves me money on my HVAC is well worth it to me. I can’t think how much it can cost to get HVAC task worked on, it almost seems like it should be illegal! I entirely don’t know who decided the cost of HVAC, but it’s something that both of us all need. I tried to just use my fireplace one year, but that entirely wasn’t entirely working. I have a correct fireplace & I figured it would be sizzling enough to upgrade an oil furnace however it only heats up part of the house.
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