The furnace was leaking gas somewhere

Carbon monoxide is one of the most important things you can have in your home, especially if you have a gas furnace.

There are a number of problems that can occur with a gas furnace and carbon monoxide poisoning is definitely one of the most dangerous problems.

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects hundreds of people every year. The first line of defense is a carbon monoxide detector. My home has a carbon monoxide detector in the basement as well as one in the kitchen. I came home from work on Thursday and the carbon monoxide detector downstairs was beeping furiously. I didn’t smell any gas in the house, but it’s nearly impossible to smell gas in the house, even when there is a lot. The kids were on their way home from school and I honestly didn’t want them to be there if there was gas in the house. I shut off the heating system and I called the company that services the furnace and air conditioner. I told the service company that the carbon monoxide detector was beeping. They told me that I did the right thing by shutting off the system. I took the kids to my sister’s house when they came home from school and I went back to the house so I could be there when the repair technician arrived. I knew the furnace was leaking gas somewhere, but I didn’t know where the problem was coming from. I was happy to have the help of a professional. The guy used a special machine to detect where the leak was coming from.


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