The gift of custom furniture for our folks

Harry and I had some issues coming up with a birthday present for our dad.

The two of us wanted to do something unique for him.

Harry and I were looking for a present that would be practical but also fun. Harry wanted to have a gazebo constructed for the garden, but I argued that this would end up creating work for him. He then said we should send mom and dad on a trip. I was really hoping to supply something they could enjoy over the long term. After a whole bunch of research online, I came across a custom furniture shop. I knew that our parents had consistently wanted to update their home office pieces. They were still using furniture that they’d bought secondhand at a garage sale. The bed frame and dressers were scratched and worn, and legitimately too big for the space. My brother Harry and I measured the dimensions of the master home office without our parents knowing. Harry and I then took the square footage and layout of the room to the custom furniture shop. Harry and I worked with a designer to develop a style for the furniture. There were a lot of decisions to make. The two of us had to decide everything from the style of wood and finish to the knobs for the dresser drawers. The two of us chose a frame and headboard, and 2 dressers and a mirror. Everything was custom built from scratch to meet our needs.


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