The golden years are cold

I have always heard that retirement is supposed to be the golden years.

I haven’t seen anything golden yet, except maybe what I look at.

Cataracts causes everything to have a dirty hue over it. I hate that, but it is part of getting older. I don’t like to say i am getting old, except to get out of trouble with my children, but I am getting older. It seems that it is harder to see, harder to hear, and harder to do all of those I used to love to do. I hate admitting that any of this is true, but it is hard to hide. The other thing I hate about getting older is that I can’t get warm. I thought it was because I was losing weight, but my doctor told me it was probably more my age. He worries that I am losing weight too fast, and he worries about my age, but not about my being cold. I guess that when you get older, your blood doesn’t move as easily and your skin gets thinner. This doesn’t allow your internal body heat to keep you warm. Now, I sit around with a sweater on all of the time. My mind works well, and I know the kids are watching me and thinking I am crazy when I tell them it is too cold. I turn up the thermostat when it is seventy in the house. I check to make sure the furnace is running because I can’t hear it. I stand over the air vent for a bit of extra heating. The golden years is not so golden, they are more silver to match what was once black hair.
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