The great boiler unit

I can usually keep warm without troubles, and every single one of us around here have an excellent boiler system that provides consistent, moist warmth to the house! However, it isn’t perfect; The home office of all places tends to be the coldest in the house; It can be pretty aggravating too. After years of trying to just deal with it as best as I could, either by wearing thick socks or wearing shoes inside at all times, I decided to do some research while I was at work. I’d hoped that there was possibly some technology advancement with oil furnaces that catered to warming the house from the ground up, and there honestly were! Radiant floor heating sounded like the perfect solution, but my partner and I have appealing hardwood floors that we’re not willing to destroy for the sake of having warm feet. Then, we gained know-how’s about these electric “heel-kick” heaters, which are just what it sounds like! It’s a heating plan at the ground level that turns on when you hit the switch with your foot! Beside the switch is a long vent register, which directly pushes hot air out to really heat you up from the ground up. The best part was that there are hydronic heating systems available too – since all of us already have the boiler, we just had to run a dedicated hot water pipe from the boiler to the component under the home office cabinet. I was very happy with this little heating device, and I heavily suggest it to anyone who doesn’t want to commit to radiant floor heating!

hot water boiler