The great indoor air conditions

My son, Matthew, has deal with   Asthma since he was a small child.  His symptoms are often aggravated by strenuous exercise, humidity and concerns with air quality.  When Matthew is exposed to dust, pollen, dander or any excess of allergens, he has issues. Maintaining a clean, healthy indoor environment for him was a huge priority for us.  We live in a region with extreme weather, and we depend on either the heating or cooling system just about the entire year. There is hardly any opportunity to open a window and bring in some fresh air.  The same contaminated air is trapped inside the house and circulated over and over again. There is no way for pollutants to escape. There’s also the worry of the heating and cooling system polluting the air with dust, mold spores and bacteria.  Contaminated, neglected ducts, heating and cooling equipment has been directly linked to a long list of health issues. To combat Matthew’s health problems and improve his quality of life, it is essential that we keep up with the service of the heating plus cooling system.  Along with replacing the air filters every month, I have invested in a maintenance plan with a licensed HVAC business. A contractor comes to the house twice per year to meticulously inspect, clean and tune the heating and cooling system. The technician clears away any buildup of pollutants and uses strong disinfectant to eliminate the growth of mold or mildew.  Although the heating and cooling system filters the air, I’ve incorporated a whole-house air purifier for additional protection. The air purifier cleans the air at least eight times every hour. It captures airborne particulate that is too small for the human eye to detect. These strategies have greatly improved the cleanliness and health of the living space, and also promotes better comfort, energy efficiency and the house even smells better.

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