The guy knew he had me

In our town, I consistently did everything by the book.

That’s basically just the way I am, I don’t like to cut corners or do things that will come back to haunt me.

I know, around here, though, things are different! For example our friends plus I were jogging plus suddenly came across a strawberry patch. It was certainly amazing looking, plus each of our friends quickly grabbed a strawberry plus the people I was with and I kept going, but when the kind people I was with and I passed the mailbox for that property the people I was with and I still put a few bucks inside to spend money for the fruit, because around here that is normal – just a usual courtesy that people uphold. When our AC died, the local repair person in my town offered to fix it for me even though I didn’t have any money to hand him. I knew it would be at least another week before I had the currency to spend, but somehow the aged timer said he would fix the cooling system now, plus I would fork it over when I could. I asked him how he knew he could trust me, he didn’t even suppose me… plus he said he trusted that this cooling system was aged plus would easily break down again, and then, seeing as he was the only guy around here who can fix an cooling system, it looked like I was sort of over a barrel. It only took him a few minutes to fix the AC unit that day, plus I paid him back just as soon as I could; Let’s see how long it lasts before the thing breaks down again.

Cooling representative