The gym is crowded in January every year

Every January, at the beginning of the month, a large number of people flock to our local gym.

It is rather aggravating.

For about eleven months out of the year, I have access to any type of equipment, anytime I want. My group fitness class typically has around 8 people participating in it. I frequently sign up for personal training sessions and schedule them at a convenient time for me. After January 1st, there are so many new members in the fitness center it is difficult to navigate around. I need to wait to use a treadmill, utilize any free weights and the group fitness classes are flooded with people. I struggle to schedule an appointment with a certified fitness expert for an hour because they are all booked up. It probably wouldn’t bother me so much if the people signing up in January would stick with the gym. I would get accustomed to a full sized group fitness class and having to schedule training weeks in advance. I would figure out what times the fitness equipment is more available. Instead, by the end of January or mid February, none of the new people are showing up at the gym anymore. It is just for a few weeks the gym is crowded. Everyone loses motivation and quits after a few weeks. I always find that kind of discouraging. These people paid for a full year membership but can’t even make it a single month? That means the new members of our fitness class only manage four times before they give up. I don’t understand this mentality. They went to the trouble of a gym membership, bought the attire and set aside time to workout. They obviously want to get in better shape. I think it’s tough when you’re out of shape. If they’d put in more time they could see real results.


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