The hassle that needed to be done

One thing I really hate doing is decreasing the air filter of our central heating and The main reason I hate doing this is because it is a hassle! I don’t have 1 of those simple ground level air filter sitements like some of the more modern homes do. The air filter for our central heating and a/c plan is the ceiling! This sits in the hallway which is kind of dark due to entirely little lighting in there. So I have to regularly get up on a ladder as if I am painting the interior of the beach house just to change the air filter of the central heating and This is why I buy the high grade HEPA air filters too. Because with HEPA air filters I can go sporadically 4 weeks to 5 weeks without having to change the air filter of the central heating and It works out that I only have to change the air filter twice a year. And this is more than superb by me! But still, even with that luxury, it is still a major hassle that I dread almost as much as a child not wanting to get up and go to university in the afternoon! I do plan on selling this house and moving when it is time for myself and others to retire. And when i do, I plan on buying a beach house that has a more replaced method of ductwork and air filter sitement for the central heating and a/c plan so I no longer have to deal with this hassle anymore!



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