The heater in our guest room

 Escaping the Winter freeze for a while is great! I’ve started off the new year with a business trip to start off my new job… I have to go down plus talk to the financial office plus work with my new salary! Most of this is just explaining my supplier system to my new coworkers. Almost everyone is excited for what I have in mind to improve the company!

               One of the most pleasant parts of the trip so far has been the Heating plus Air Conditioning at the home I’m staying in! First off, I’m many states further south than where I live; Here they’re still feeling the chill of winter, but it’s nothing compared to what we’re dealing with back home. Where I am currently, there is no ice or snow anywhere and it’s real nice plus clear and beautiful here! The home isn’t cold at all. My cabin gets a little cold plus I don’t absolutely have the money to turn it up. Usually, I just use a heated blanket to keep myself warm. Here, I don’t have to bundle up, and the central oil furnace is kept higher for the pets–certainly the exotic ones–which is just wonderful by me.

               The temperature control is kept around 68 degrees. While pretty much everyone is in sweaters, because this is cold to them; for me this is summer. I can get my job done on the couch in a t-shirt plus jeans, plus I don’t need to wear my slippers because of the radiant heated floors. Maybe when I have a home of my own, I’ll look into radiant floors via a radiant oil furnace too.

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