The heater saved me from freezing during the cold weather

My boyfriend and I got into a huge argument when we were on our way home from my mom’s house.

My boyfriend was upset about something my mom said.

I told my boyfriend to take up the matter with my mom and that made him even angrier. My boyfriend wasn’t paying attention to the road and we ended up sliding on a huge patch of ice. The car drifted into the snowbank and we were stuck. There was absolutely no way to get the car out of the snow. My boyfriend started screaming and cussing. He was even more upset when the car got stuck. He blames that on my mom too. He got out of the car and told me that he was going to walk home. I told my boyfriend that he was acting like a ridiculous infant. He started walking, but I stayed in the car with the heater running. I called my mom and dad and they called the AAA tow truck. I waited in the car with the heater running. I tried to call my boyfriend a couple of times, but he left his phone in the car. I didn’t realize that until much later. I know my boyfriend was freezing on that 12 mile walk home. The tow truck driver and I passed him on the way down the mountain. I was warm in the truck, but he looked absolutely frigid. I decided to make him walk the rest of the way home. He was acting like a stubborn jerk and I hoped a cold walk would adjust his terrible attitude.

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