The Heating and A/C company disappointed me

I have to say that I am pretty frustrated with the Heating and A/C company that our hubby and I hired to install our current a/c; Both of us were so gleeful to finally get air conditioner in our house, but our aged a/c had been broken for years, and both of us did not want to pay the currency to get it fixed, so both of us just ended up using a window air conditioner equipment in the kitchen and a single in our living room! Those more than one cooling systems kept the home cooler than it would have been if both of us didn’t have any sort of air conditioner, but the home was easily not as cool as what both of us would have number one; About more than one years ago, both of us started saving up currency to get our a/c replaced, so by the time both of us had enough currency, both of us were honestly ready to have air conditioner throughout the entire home once again; It turned out to be a eveningmare because of the Heating and A/C company that both of us chose to install our a/c.

They ended up stealing currency from us which they did not replace because they denied ever taking any currency. They also ended up breaking a few of our number one vases while they were working in the house. They did deliver me some currency for the vases, but currency could never replace those vases that were passed down from our mother. In the end, both of us regretted ever getting our a/c replaced. Both of us wish that both of us would have just lived with what both of us had, then even though both of us wish that both of us wouldn’t have done it, I have to confess that it is nice to have air conditioner throughout the whole house.


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