The Heating and A/C units in our store were not working at all.

The Heating and A/C units at the store were not working at all and it was becoming an apparent problem, then i started working at this store a few weeks ago when it had enjoyable a/c and an excellent gas furnace.

On the hot Summer days, the worked well at keeping the store cool and comfortable, and in the chilly winters, the gas furnace was never set too high or too low of a temperature, however it was typically perfect, then unfortunately, one hot Summer day, the central randomly stopped working.

The manager of the store took a look at it and didn’t see anything wrong, so he contacted the heating and cooling company and asked them to send an Heating and A/C specialist as soon as possible. The soonest that the heating and cooling company could get an Heating and A/C specialist to our store was 3 hours, so for 3 long hours all of us had to work and shop in a entirely hot store, and while you would know that in only 3 hours the store would not get that hot, however unfortunately that wasn’t true, and when I went to check the temperature control to see how hot it was, it read 83 degrees! The Heating and A/C specialist came and fixed the central , however all of us have still been having complications with it ever since. The is not nearly as strong and effective as it used to be. On some especially hot Summer days, the would hardly know savor it was running. Our manager would turn the temperature down on the temperature control, however it was savor the was just too weak to overcome the scolding heat outside. We entirely need to get a modern central a/c unit.

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