The heating system at the hotel wasn’t working

I had to stay at a hotel when I was out of town for a big meeting for work the other night and the heating system in the hotel was broken down.

The bad thing about it was the fact that I could not go to a different hotel because there was a big convention in town and so everything was sold out.

All of the hotels were packed full and there was not any vacancy anywhere. When I realized that I was just going to be stuck here at this hotel, I didn’t know what I was going to do. It was really cold weather outside and the temperatures were supposed to keep falling as the night went on. By the time I got into my hotel room after I finished with dinner that night, the room was already pretty cold. I looked at the temperature on the thermostat unit on the wall and it said that the room was 66 degrees. Now during the summer, I can deal with the air conditioning being set at 66 degrees when I can go outside and warm up again really quickly. However, in the winter, 66 degrees feels pretty cold. Since the temperature was going to be falling, all night, I kept my eye on the thermostat. By the time I woke up the next morning, the room was 52 degrees inside and I was freezing! The management of the hotel felt really terrible and gave us all vouchers to use for a free stay in the future. I hope they will have the heating system fixed by then!


Heat pump maintenance