The heating system in our dining room lit on fire last night

I have a legitimately chilly house & an even colder dining room, but i do not suppose why, but our house is consistently colder than it should be. I have the temperature control set for seventy-several degrees, & it never gets above sixty degrees in our apartment. I told our property owner about the issue, however he has not had anyone take a look at it yet, then last winter, I lived with it, & I was fine; This Winter is quite a bit cooler, & I recognize that makes a important difference… My dining room is even colder than the rest of the apartment, & I recognize that is because there are so many windows in our dining room. I thought it was honestly cool when I first moved into the apartment. I loved all of the windows. It makes the room legitimately bright & inviting, however I did not realize back then how much heat I would lose through those beautiful windows. I bought a small space heating system to go in our dining room last Winter. I used it all Winter long, & it worked good at keeping our dining room warmer. I used it for the first half of this Winter as well, & it worked good until I woke up 1 night in horror. The heating system had caught on fire. It had melted the outlet completely. Thankfully, I was able to get the fire out on our own, & it did not ruin much. I have l received our lesson & I will not be using a space heating system in our dining room or any area of our house ever again.

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