The HEPA filter worked perfectly

When I first moved into my new apartment I was really excited for all the opportunities that I had ahead of me. Unfortunately, because I had not been living out on my own for too long there was a lot that I still needed to learn, and looking back some of these things was very obvious. Like for instance I didn’t know anything about Heating and cooling tune-ups! I had no idea that you were supposed to have your hair conditioner or your central heating system regularly serviced by your local HVAC business. I was always under the impression that those people only come out when something is broken.I knew that you had to change them, but I thought they could be changed once a year. Boy was I wrong. I learned the hard way when my indoor air quality ended up being absolutely horrible! I was telling my friend about how bad my indoor air quality was and the first thing she asked me was well did you have your air filters changed? I realized that I was never supposed to change them much sooner after she explained that your air filter should be changed out every few months. I decided to do some research online because I wanted to get a really good high quality air filter and not these cheap disposable filters. I learned from the website of a heating and AC business that getting a HEPA is one of the best types of filters you can get. They are specifically designed with many tightly woven fibers that are capable of catching even the tiniest of the pieces of dirt and grime in your home that would otherwise be in your air. They sounded like a good choice to me and so I went ahead and purchased one. I was able to figure out and install it myself and did not have to worry about paying an installation fee from the heating and cooling company.


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