The high air quality at the crowded government office

I was scheduled to travel to Europe in three weeks, and I had to get my passport renewed. I had been putting it off because of my experience at the government building. I had been there a couple of times and in all that time, the indoor comfort at the offices left a lot to be desired. It was usually crowded and it seems their multi-split air conditioning system has never worked. I took a cab and had a driver that seemed to know more about air conditioning than most of the a/c servicemen I had worked within the past. I discovered that before owning a cab, he had worked for an air conditioning company for two years. He disagreed with me on my assumption that government offices do not adhere to the HVAC maintenance after the HVAC installation is done. He had visited other government offices which had excellent air quality. At this point, we had arrived at our destination. All the preparations I had done mentally for the indoor comfort of the building quickly dissipated when I walked in. The quality air conditioner, though silent, was functioning optimally, because the indoor comfort was top notch. They even had a smart thermostat being controlled by a floor manager who doubled up as an air conditioning technician when he was required to. I later found out that the government had gotten a contract with the local indoor comfort business which would handle the indoor comfort of all government offices. The engineers would handle all the air conditioning repairs and link office managers to air conditioning providers whenever they needed to replace any HVAC equipment. Finally, the government embraced the growth of the cooling industry.
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