The Hot Air Was Being Pushed Into Our Bedroom

Second, he said that the ductwork could be blocked

We’ve been living in a two story house for almost five years now, and we’ve never experienced any issues with our HVAC system. We’re diligent about having the HVAC company service our HVAC equipment twice per year and it’s always paid off for us. Our HVAC system has provided efficient heat and air and we’ve always been comfortable. A few weeks ago though, the second floor of our house was feeling warmer than normal. The warmest part was specifically our primary bedroom. I had no idea why our bedroom and second floor were feeling warmer than normal, so I decided to call the HVAC company. Since I wasn’t used to heat and air problems, I didn’t want to mess with the HVAC equipment and mess something up internally. I had always heard that it was better to contact an HVAC professional and let them do the job they were certified to do. The HVAC professional that came to service our HVAC system took a look around the house and told us that it was likely a few things. First, our thermostat could be struggling to get an accurate reading. This was unlikely because we hadn’t been experiencing issues in the past. Second, he said that the ductwork could be blocked. He said there was either something within the ductwork blocking the air flow or something in front of the air vents that was redirecting the air. Taking a closer look at the rooms around the primary bedroom, we discovered that my husband had moved a bookshelf in front of the air vent in his office, which was causing all the hot air to be redirected into our bedroom!

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