The hotel heat was rumbling for an hour before it stopped

I absolutely detest my boss.

The guy is a horrible human being and an awful manager.

He only made it to the top of the company because he married the boss’s daughter. The guy is completely arrogant and he isn’t very good at the job. He doesn’t care much about the management team. Once a year we have to go to a seminar to learn more information about our business. That guy always picks the cheapest place for us to stay. Last month I went to one of the seminars and I was stuck in a cheap hotel with a rumbling furnace. I had to listen to the heat rumble for an hour every time the machine turned on. It was absolutely horrible and it made the whole week feel like an eternity. I barely got any sleep at all on the first night. The second night I complained to the staff about the heating problem. They told me that all of the rooms were booked due to the seminar and conference. I was stuck in that room with the noisy heater. The third night I tried putting a pillow over my ears. It didn’t help to drown out the sound, so the 5th night in the hotel I decided to sleep with the television running. I found it difficult to fall asleep with the television running in the background, but after I fell asleep, I didn’t hear the sound of the furnace for a while. I probably got more sleep that night than I did in all of the previous night’s combined.



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