The hotel pollen level was poor, but I had an idea

My spouse Cal and I went to a hotel for a three-day stay.

Cal and I had some family in the village for a week and all of us all decided to meet in a central location.

As soon as my spouse and I evaluated our hotel room, all of us immediately adjusted the a/c. The indoor air pollen levels was poor. I adjusted the temps down to 74°, but the air coming out of the vents still seemed warm. I decided to inspect the HVAC machine. Cal unaffixed the air filter from the front of the machine. The air filter was the same length as the wall heating and A/C unit. It seemed self-explanatory to understand why this a/c wasn’t honestly working honestly well after I unaffixed the air filter and saw all of the dander, dust, dirt, and hair. The air filter was covered with a disgusting layer of grime. Cal used a washcloth from the bathroom to scrub all of the dust off the air filter. Cal ran some water in the tub and cleaned the air filter. After cleaning and servicing the machine, the indoor air pollen levels reduced and the air was colder. I was upset by the lack of cleaning from the housekeeping crew, so Cal decided to take a picture of the dust that I unaffixed from the air filter. The next time Cal and I walked through the lobby, I stopped at the desk to speak with the manager about the air filters. Cal recommended telling the housekeeping staff to scrub them more thoroughly and frequently. The hotel manager was embarrassed and apologized various times. He even provided us with another night at no extra charge.


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