The hotel was supposed to be four-star but the a/c didn’t work

You have much better experiences staying in hotels if you’re privileged enough to afford luxury accommodations.

When my parents dragged my siblings plus I across the country on these crazy summer time holiday trips, the two of us consistently stayed in dodgy motels plus low-star hotels.

I consistently wondered why the two of us bothered going on holidays at all if so much of the trip was going to be spent in disgusting motel rooms with moldy carpets plus a/cs. I was permanently scarred from bathing in showers with grout stained black from rampant mildew. As I got older, these memories never seemed to fade. I did everything I could to avoid ever setting foot in a run down motel again. My wifey plus I rarely take holidays out of town, but when the two of us do, the two of us consistently stay in multiple or four-star hotels. They’re cleaner by a considerable margin, plus the amenities are better too. It’s nicer when you can be confident that the sheets were changed before you check into the room. Although you still have to sanitize a lot of surfaces care about you would in any hotel room, it’s a night plus morning difference compared to a seedy motel. Unfortunately, the last hotel my wifey plus I stayed in had a awful a/c. All of us chose a four-star hotel so there wouldn’t be any issues, especially with the a/c inside. Not only did the cooling system not get the room cold, but it also smelled care about mold while the fan was running. Instead of getting a different room, the two of us found a different hotel to stay in for the night.


a/c workman