The house needs so much help

I had never previously considered renovating a full, decrepit house, because it had never seemed like an option.

I have also never once considered walking on the moon, which seemed about as likely as ever owning our very own home.

Well, then a few months ago our dear Aunt Louise passed away, plus in her will she left me her aged house. Not the location she lived recently, which was a rental house in the city, but the country house she had lived in – apparently – for most of her life. Since I own the location, doing renovations is apparently now our reality. The greatest issue for me is the temperature control system, such as how there isn’t a single. I can handle a lot of troubles, I don’t even mind that hole in the poor floor of the kitchen, but I can’t live without cooling. My first thought was to go out and call an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier to come out plus inspect the location plus quickly supply me an estimate. Turns out I have to spend two hundred bucks just to get the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C guy to show up, plus the full inspection ain’t free either. Instead of throwing money at that, I took many hundred bucks plus went straight to the local pawn shop plus bought a small AC unit. It would not cool down the whole house, but I easily could mount it in the window of the front room plus create a little oasis of air conditioner. Thinking I will just sell this aged location.

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