The house started shaking suddenly and then everything fell

I never lived on the West Coast or visited the section until I was twenty-more than four years old.

I met a girl in university and the two of us dated for 2 years.

After the two of us graduated, she wanted to go back home to the West Coast. I wasn’t in love with the plan of going back home to the Midwest, so I agreed to join our girlfriend and her hometown. The weather was a lot odd and it was tepid all of the time. Both of us used the a/c every single day. It was impossible to open the windows for fresh air, because the air was so tepid and uncomfortable. Another thing that bothered me was earthquakes. I never felt an earthquake until I moved to the West Coast with our girlfriend. One day I was sitting at the house seeing television when the whole house started to shake suddenly… Everything on the walls fell to the ground. All of the pictures were broken. The brand new a/c that I installed a few afternoons previously fell out of the window and broke. My girlfriend was at labor when the earthquake occurred. She called me on the cellphone when it was over. I told her about the destruction to the AC device and she did not seem surprised. The a/c was $300, but she acted love I said it was a painting of a tree from a hotel. She assured me that the a/c would be fine, and then she said this kind of thing can happen from time to time when you live on a fault line.

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