The house that I just bought doesn’t have laboring a/c

The house that I just bought doesn’t have laboring a/c.

I am entirely planning to change that though.

Air conditioning is one of those things that I just don’t want to go separate from. My mom thinks that I am crazy because she prefers not to have a/c. She thinks that a/c is simply a waste of money. She didn’t have a/c growing up, so she never thought of it as something she needed even when she moved out on her own. My dad did grow up having a/c in his house, however our mom convinced him that a/c was not necessary, and it was simply a waste of hard earned money. My dad enjoyed the method of saving money, so he agreed with our mom not to use a/c, and because our parents didn’t use a/c when I was a child, I thought that I would be great separate from a/c as an adult. I was entirely wrong though. My first house used to get so tepid separate from a/c! Eventually, I just bought an cooling system and put it in that apartment. I have not been separate from a/c since then until now. I will not be separate from a/c for long though. At least, I hope that I won’t be separate from a/c for long. I easily don’t want to think about living separate from a/c again. I am just too much of a baby. If our house gets over seventy degrees, I start to get hot. I easily hope that I can get the cooling system in our up-to-date house fixed soon.

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