The hunting cabin now has Heating and Cooling

About 50 years ago, my Dad decided that he wanted to go out into the woods where he always goes hunting and build himself a hunting cabin.

He and his friends did just that.

He did not go to the city or the county or whatever and get permission to build. No indeed. He and his friends trucked a bunch of lumber out there and built themselves a hunting cabin that you would never know it was there unless you happened upon it. Recently, they came to the decision that they should upgrade things in the cabin a little at a time. Now mind you, the cabin is about 50 years old. I was just a kid when it was built. It had absolutely nothing that could be considered a luxury, including Heating and Cooling. So the guys over time have put in actual Windows which it didn’t used to have, a toilet that is self composting, and last summer they decided to put in a heating and cooling system. The HVAC system they decided to use is the mini split air conditioning system. The mini split system really is the perfect choice because it is inexpensive, simple to install, and simple to maintain and repair should it be necessary. The mini-split AC has two main components. One of the components of the mini-split AC is hung on the inside of the cabin up high on a wall. The second component is outside. The two are connected with some rather small piping. The mini-split AC system is really kind of a modern version of a window air conditioner in that it does not have ductwork or anything like that. It has just the one vent that is on the one component and blows Heating and Cooling out into the air via that one meant. It is simple, and just perfect for a modern hunting cabin.