The HVAC equipment just broke down

I really know absolutely nothing about the workings and upkeep of a heating as well as a cooling central system. The thing was, growing up my parents did not have any central heating or cooling. It was just a furnace and window air conditioning units where I grew up. So when I moved to my own home later in life, I had no idea how to upkeep heating and cooling. My HVAC unit was good right up until last November. In the first half of the month, I started to notice less as well as less cool air flow coming from the vents; One really hot week when I went to turn on the air-conditioning, there was pretty much no airflow at all coming out of the vents. I was completely lost as to what the problem might be and had no clue, however all I knew is that I easily hoped that it wasn’t extravagantly pricey, because at that moment, I easily didn’t have much money saved up for such things as HVAC repair. I decided to be an adult as well as call up a nearby HVAC service professional as well as schedule an appointment. The HVAC heating and cooling guy came out to my place the next day as well as he was so quick to instantly know what the issue was as well as go to the source of it that it made my head really spin; He showed me an certainly filthy disposable air filter in the air conditioning. He graciously as well as kindly explained to me that these air filters needed to be switched out at least every 60 days or so. It had been more like a year and 5 days! Looking at that air filter, even I could see how there would be no airflow coming from the air conditioning system at all! It was not so good but I learned.

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