The HVAC lives on

I almost didn’t buy my house because of the bad home inspection.

  • The guy was adamant that the HVAC system with the house was going to die at any point.

With the house being a bit out of my budget, I didn’t want to have a hefty HVAC bill on top of it. The previous homeowners swore it was in good shape, but I didn’t believe them. I wanted the house and decided to just go for it. I saved and saved my money. I was frantic. I constantly was waiting for the moment my HVAC would quit on me. I then finally called a HVAC contractor to perform service. I didn’t tell the guy my home inspector said it was on its last legs. The HVAC contractor did his routine cleaning and added more refiretant. He gave me a bill and said everything was good. I even had the guy come back a few months later for ductwork cleaning and to peek at my system. Apparently everything is all fine. The HVAC system works great. I have read about systems making noises or providing high energy bills. Mine doesn’t do any of those things. The cooling function with my machine is just amazing. The heater smells a bit like burnt hair but I haven’t tried it since I got ductwork cleaning. Maybe that was the reason. My energy bills are super low every month too. It looks like I saved all that money for a new system and I am not going to need it after all. That is a nice surprise for once.

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