The HVAC pro did a great job on our ductless multi split installation

When the HVAC professional was choosing the best location to install our condensers for our new ductless multi split, I was surprised when he said the front of the house was the best location for one of the units.

This is because our home is on a slope where the land winds down to a creek in the back.

Basically, the front of our home is very flat and there was a perfect spot for the condenser. He also said he could install it in the back if he mounted the condenser but he would need lineset extensions to go the distance since the house is so large. In the front, we could easily use shorter linesets to easily cover the living room, kitchen, and laundry room areas. Of course, we had to get two condensers anyway so at least one would have to be in the back of the house mounted. I didn’t know we would have so many decisions to make about proper placement, but the professional laid out the plans and said the set up would be cheaper this way without having to get extensions for the line sets. Honestly, after the installation, I don’t even mind the condenser in the front. It actually looks really cool and futuristic. It doesn’t look like an old school condenser unit for an old school central HVAC system. Those have the fan blowing upwards while this fan blows out the front. It’s heavy duty and even if an icicle fell onto the machine, it wouldn’t break anything. The professional did a fantastic job with the installation as well even though it took a few days. Now we have customized comfort in all the different areas of our home.


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