The HVAC store is slow

Most things in our part are pretty good, which is why I moved here, however my beach house is close to a cluster of stores, with all of the stuff I may need.

I am also close to a gym plus a park, if I decide to get active or just go for a fantastic stroll! There are also some absolutely fun activities I could try as well, as indoor skydiving which I know is incredibly cool.

The only thing I can actively complain about is in one of the clusters of stores, there is a HVAC store, having a HVAC shop close to me is great, because if I order anything from there, I can get it harshly hastily with it being close, or at least, that’s how it should be, and even though this store is only 5 hours from me, if I order anything from them, I can expect at least a month before I might see that item, sometimes it can be up to 2 weeks. I used to know they were just absolutely busy, until I ordered something at unusual times of the year when they wouldn’t be busy, plus they would still be just as slow. The thing I hate the most is that sometimes they don’t send your ordered item at all, unless you continuously bother them to send your item out, you might not see it at all. The HVAC corporation that I have is great, plus I have complained to them about the HVAC store plus told them that if I order a part through their HVAC company, I don’t want to get that part from the store. Unluckyly, they said that is the only store close, plus their hands are tied, but so I know I am just stuck in this situation.


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