The HVAC technician had to replace several HVAC components during the repair

Drew was always in a hurry to get home and spend time with his new family.

After his wife got pregnant, he decided to settle down and focus on them.

His daughter was a delight to be around. Once he got home, he would give his wife a break and care for the baby. One afternoon, he got a call from his wife saying the air conditioner was not cooling the house. It was summertime, and it was getting hotter every day. Drew knew he had to act fast, so he asked his colleague to cover for him. On his way home, he phoned the AC business near their home. He had an HVAC maintenance and repair plan with them. As he was getting home, he saw the air conditioner repair van pull up on his driveway. Drew led the AC technician to the HVAC system in the house. His wife had turned on a portable air conditioner to help keep the living room cool. The aircon mechanic opened up the indoor unit and began his inspection. He noticed that the motor belt was worn out and needed a replacement. That was only the beginning of the problems with the quality AC. The HVAC expert also noted the motor had some issues. The bearing and shaft were worn out, causing the AC to shut down. It took time for the HVAC professional to replace the different parts of the central cooling and heating unit. Afterward, he unclogged the air filter and let it try before closing up the AC system. Next, he went outside to check the outdoor HVAC. The compressor unit had lots of dirt, leaves, and debris that caused the blockage. The AC expert cleaned it up using a vacuum cleaner and left when the air conditioning was working once more.

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