The HVAC technician is a creep

I am thoroughly convinced that the HVAC technician that is currently in my house is a massive creep, and I absolutely cannot stand the guy.

I wish that the HVAC technician would stop sending him to my house to do HVAC repairs, but I know that he is one of the best HVAC technicians that they have when you consider how well he fixes HVAC units.

I just don’t like how the HVAC looks and acts around me. The HVAC technician is an older man, but I can tell that the HVAC technician is attracted to me. Whenever the HVAC technician is at my house fixing either my furnace or my air conditioner, he is constantly staring at me. Even though my HVAC units are in the basement and even though I have my office out of the way so that I should never have to see the HVAC technician, I can tell that the HVAC technician walked by my office so that he can see me. The HVAC technician has never openly tried to hit on me, but I know that if I even gave him the slightest opportunity, the HVAC technician definitely would. I feel so uncomfortable around the HVAC technician that I have even asked my husband to stay home with me whenever the HVAC technician is there. I do not trust the HVAC technician to be at the house when I am not there, but I also do not trust the HVAC technician to be there with me alone. Maybe I should just find a new HVAC company so that I do not have to deal with this anymore. I don’t want to feel insecure every time that my HVAC unit needs to be repaired.

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