The HVAC unit at the gym is terrible

The HVAC unit that is currently in the gym is terrible, and I don’t know why the gym refuses to get rid of the HVAC company. The only reason that I decided to purchase a gym membership in the first place was for the convenience of having all of the equipment that I needed for a workout in the first place. I would have been stuck working out in my barn without any equipment, and I would have had no HVAC units to keep me warm during the year. I got a gym membership along with all of the equipment that I needed. Even though the gym was also advertising a comfortable environment, they obviously didn’t mention the fact that there was no good HVAC unit. During the winter, there is a furnace, but they use the furnace too much. It actually makes the atmosphere in the gym feel muggy, and most of the people working out in the gym have asked the gym to turn down the thermostat. We would honestly rather it be too cold than too warm, but they keep the furnace running like they won’t have it tomorrow. However, at least their furnace works. During the summer, they have a central air conditioner that doesn’t work at all. Sure, the central air conditioner turns on and blows air around the building, but you could never get the air conditioner to cool anything. Even with the air conditioner running, they open the windows and turn on fans. However, the only thing that they won’t do is call an HVAC technician to have them fix the HVAC unit.