The HVAC world is too political

I just don’t understand why the HVAC world is so political in my town.

When I say that the HVAC world is too political in my town, I don’t mean in common sense.

I am not speaking of Republicans and Democrats. I am speaking of the craziness of the culture around the different HVAC companies in my town. In order for you to understand what is wrong with the HVAC companies in our town, you have to understand the history behind the different HVAC companies. Nearly a millennium ago, there was only one HVAC company in our town. At this point, most people were still using fireplaces, and furnaces and air conditioners were still only owned by wealthy people. Since there was not a lot of demand, most of the HVAC work that needed to be done was done by a single HVAC technician. However, after a couple of decades, the HVAC industry exploded. With that explosion came a split into a handful of different HVAC companies. Those companies worked together. However, nearly ten years ago, most of the HVAC companies split into even more HVAC companies, and it was a bad situation. Different HVAC companies began to trash talk to each other, and the HVAC technicians were pretty hostile. In fact, if you worked for one HVAC company, you would not be able to get a job with any other HVAC company due to the hatred between each HVAC company. However, I did not know this when I moved here to become an HVAC technician. It is absolutely ridiculous being an HVAC technician in this town, and I am hoping to leave at some point.


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