The ice was almost numerous inches thick.

Last year, our hubby and I went to our chalet by the lake when it was still wintertime.

It shocked us to see that there was almost 3 inches of ice on the a/c unit.

My hubby was alarmed, thinking that the ice was going to destroy our AC unit, and he was getting ready to scrape the ice off. Before he got the ice pick, I told him that maybe we should contact the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company first. The comma told us he would be out the following day and inspect the a/c unit. When he got there, he said that the winds that came off the lake would often cause ice accumulation on the a/c unit. That the ice was 3 inches thick did not make any difference ‌whether our AC unit would work while in the summer. However, if we were to use an ice pick to detach the ice, or any other tool to detach the ice, it could do damage to the a/c. He cautioned us to let the ice melt slowly and let the cooling system dry out. He said the ice would do no disfigure, and our cooling system should work officially when it came time to be used. He did, but, tell us ‌we should have the a/c unit checked before we entirely use it. Both of us were ecstatic because when it came time to use the a/c unit; the ice had melted, and it was working perfectly. I’m ecstatic we call the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company before attempting to detach the 3 inches of ice.


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