The indoor air quality is much nicer after installing a whole home air filtration system

A mile seems like a very long distance, but air pollutants can travel hundreds of miles in the right circumstances. My wife and I live about a mile away from a place that processes rocks. The company takes large rocks and turns them into smaller rocks, pebbles, and sand. The company used to have one single shift during the day, but a couple of months ago, they started processing ricks 16 hours a day. There is always a great deal of dust in the air outdoors, but my wife and I find more and more dust inside of our home these days. A lot of dust accumulates on the surfaces in our home like the tv, computer, coffee table, and microwave. I noticed a lot of dust and I knew it was time to do something to fix the problem. I called a contractor that specializes in indoor air quality solutions. The contractor tested the indoor air in our home and found that it had three times the amount of pollutants that was healthy to breathe. My wife and I were worried about our health and breathing, so we decided to install a whole home air filtration system. It took an entire weekend for the contractor to install the whole home air filtration system, but my wife and I know this was the best solution for the problem. The whole home air filtration system removes all indoor pollutants and not just the dust from the quarry. We won’t have to worry about mold spores, mildew, pet dander, or even bacteria and viruses thanks to the air filtration system.


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