The Indoor Comfort Business

When I was out of town, I visited a lot of the local stores they had.

I was honestly quite amazed at the different kinds of stores and even restaurants they had in this city.

I came across this one store that looked very interesting, so interesting that I couldn’t resist on going in there to see what it was all about. It was called The Indoor Comfort Company. I was wondering what it was all about, and much to my surprise when I walked in, it turned out to be a heating and air conditioning supplier! But, it wasn’t your average HVAC supplier. Their main focus was on central HVAC systems with whole home air purification systems. They were really trying to sell the whole new HVAC and clean air combo package that so many heating and cooling companies are going for now days. I had never seen a place like this though like I mentioned. The set up in there looked like a store to buy cars! They had a showroom with all the different heating and cooling systems available. Then, they even had a room where you could experience their most high priced, and best whole home air purification system that they had in stock. I have to tell you, this whole home air purification system they were showing off was heaven! It almost made me want to buy one…until I seen the price! This musta been one heck of a whole home air purification system, because the price was over 1000 bucks for it! Ahh, if only I was rich or at least wealthy, I would have went for it.